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First Aid Classes for Children

Our First Aid Classes are available for children from as young as 3 years old.  Our Early Years (ages 3-6) Kids (7-11) and Teens classes (11-16) have won awards and provide children with the basic first aid knowledge required for a first aid emergency. The classes meet the new 2020 UK National Curriculum Requirements.

You can book onto a public class at a local venue, or you can enquire about classes to take place in schools, clubs or privately arranged venues.

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Private Classes

Early Years First Aid

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From £10.00 per child

From £100.00 per class

Our early years class is designed for 3-6 year olds and provides a basic introduction to first aid, such as what happens when we cut ourselves, how we treat a head bump, how to place somebody into the recovery position and learning how to dial 999. We end the session with our fantastic Freddie storybook to recap what the children have learnt, and it's engaging and hands on throughout. This 45 min session costs £10 per child (min 10 children for private bookings), with each child also receiving a Mini First Aid workbook, certificate and sticker at the end of the class.

Mini First Aid Kids

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From £20.00 per child

From £120.00 per class

Our kids class is designed for 7-11 year olds and is hands on, informative and fun! Topics covered include getting help in an emergency, CPR, choking, burns, bleeds, breaks and more. Minimum group size of 6 children or £120 required for private bookings. Each child also receives a Mini First Aid workbook and certificate at the end of the session.

Online Classes

Early Years, Kids or Teens Video Call Classes

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Early Years First Aid

Mini First Aid Early Years classes are for children aged 3-6 and work with the Early Years & Key Stage 1 Curriculum. Children learn about what happens to their bodies if they are hurt and how they would be treated by a grown up. 

There are 2 classes available;

  • In class 1 children meet Freddie who not only knows how to ring 999 but also knows his address when mummy is poorly.
  • In class 2 children learn the importance of safe eating practice as Freddie and his friends share the importance of Sit, Chop & Chew.

After each class children will receive a certificate for attending. The award-winning classes are loved by all.

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Mini First Aid Kids

Mini First Aid Kids is designed for children aged 7-11. Children are starting to be more independent and can understand basic first aid.  In this workshop children learn to deal with bumps, burns, breaks and bleeding, carry out CPR and deal with choking.  The class is practical, lots of fun and involves lots of activities for the children to enjoy.  A favourite with schools and voluntary groups, the class can also be organised for private groups.

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Healthy Minds

Children with Healthy Minds AND Healthy Bodies

With mental health on the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary schools, our Healthy Minds programme teaches children aged 7-11 about how to stay healthy mentally as well as physically.

We know from teachers and children, that our award-winning Kids classes are memorable and fun. So we have taken what we do, and applied it to the most important issue for children right now: Having a healthy mind.

Healthy Minds includes six 1 hour workshop style classes which provide children with a solid foundation for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Workshops: Self Esteem, Anxiety, Bullying, Body Image, Resilience and Healthy Minds (Putting Skills into Practice)


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Mini First Aid Teens

Mini First Aid Teens is for children aged 11-16. This class enables them to deliver first aid if no adults were available. In the 2-hour session, Teens learn to carry out CPR and deal with choking, deal with head injuries, burns, breaks, bleeding, asthma attacks and allergic reactions. This class meets the KS3 National Curriculum Requirements in England & Wales. The class is practical, lots of fun and involves lots of activities for the children to enjoy.  Perfect for schools and voluntary groups, the class can also be organised for private groups.

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